Transform the Simple into Sublime.

We are on a journey of working on VFX, Animation, Compositing and Motion Design for a wide variety of documentaries, commercials, business videos or TV Shows.

Come with us.

If you have a potential project or collaboration please contact Stefan at

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+43 676 4955643
Paschinggasse 1/1/3
1170 Wien

We work with a State of the Art Infrastructure.
Our 3D Workstations and Renderfarm are packed with massive horsepower, to ensure a high quality of production at any time. A wide range of tools for Modeling, Rendering, Animation, Simulation and Compositing gives us the most flexible workflows for your postproduction.


Doppelgaenger Digital Production was founded in 2015 by Stefan Horninger. His journey in the endless fields of 3D Postproduction lasts for more than 13 years. Vast knowledge in 3D computer graphics, advanced compositing skills and experience on working on highly professional productions, which won a dozen international awards including an Emmy nomination for best Documentary, is what can make your life easier.

Completed Productions:

2021 – Universum: Der Sibirische Tiger – Seele der russischen Wildnis

2021 – Universum History: In den Fängen der Wikinger

2020 – Fakt oder Fake – Staffel 2

2020 – Universum History: Wo die Sonne niemals unterging – Das Weltreich des Karl V.

2019 – Fakt oder Fake – Staffel 2

2019 – Universum History: Richard Löwenherz – Ein König in der Falle

2018 – Fokus Mord (ORF) – 8 Episodes

2017 – Universum History: Maria Theresia – Majestät und Mutter

2017 – Universum: Die Wüstenlöwen der Namib – Aufbruch und Wiederkehr

2015 – Universum History: Stadt der Gladiatoren – Carnuntum

2015 – Universum: Wüstenkönige – Die Löwen der Namib

2014 – Universum: Afrikas Wilder Westen – Namibias Wüstenpferde

2014 – Universum History: Maximilian von Mexiko – Der Traum vom Herrschen